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Re: [location-iwg] uDig 2.0.0 released

Many Thanks,

hopefully nobody has expectations that this release would run without JAI :P

uDig 2.0.0 still has support for feature and raster data sets, later implies that JAI is packaged with the release. We started to refactor dependencies out to get a minimal running RCP application but it turned out that GeoTools, where uDig is build upon is stronger tied to JAI/imageIO than expected. We stuck a bit on a "God"-Class for the rendering sub-module

However, please correct me if I misunderstood discussions at the codesprint: My impression (because of an email) was that Oracle is thinking about contributing JAI and/or imageIO, maybe moving it to Eclipse Foundation which possibly implies a re-licensing.

Is it a rumor, where takes the discussion place we can follow.Â

I personally would avoid refactoring uDig codebase, if it isn't really necessary ;)Â

The bundles we packaged having two aspects, first the java-code to access images. In addition we bundles fragments with native libraries for Linux and Windows.

My read ofÂhttps://dev.eclipse.org/ipzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=6142 is that java-stuff has been approved for image-IO while the native support isn't

I guess this means the functionality is available in general while it may not perform that well because of missing native libs - which would be fine for uDig

From my point of view I it makes sense to start initial contribution again with uDig 2.0.0 release. We refactored a lot to solve ÂIP review Âissues and I assume we are not that far away from approval.

And IMHO it looks like some Eclipse/LocationTech project need JAI/ImageIO Âwhile GeoTools is used and this rises the pressure to find a solution. Maybe Oracle can help here a lot

For everything else I commented in line ..

2018-04-26 17:46 GMT+02:00 Wayne Beaton <wayne.beaton@eclipse-foundation.org>:
LocationTech PMC,

AFAICT, the LocationTech uDig project has not engaged in a Release Review per the Eclipse Development Process and so cannot issue an official release.

We know this and are fine with it! Because of so many changes since teh first review, we needed to release for several reasons:
* show that the project is alive
* re-review and find out if we addressed everything else
* create a new community around uDig and FOSS4G conferences helps tp spread the world
* OSGeo Live project helps either to spread to the GIS world - release is always better than a beta or even a alpha release
* Integrators getting an entry-point to use it and give feedback on what we have

The initial contribution has not been resolved and the IP Team is waiting on a new code drop from the project team.Â

I'd like to suggest to contribute uDig 2.0.0 for mentioned reasons above

The downloads include JAI ImageIO 1.1.3. We do have an approved CQ for JAI ImageIO 1.1 which may partially apply (service releases of approved content do not require review by the IP Team), but I'm pretty sure that there is content in the download that is not included in that approval. Frank, please verify.

Yes, native libs and properbly more Java classes that the CQ includes. We can check this.. And if it helps we can exclude fragments for natve support and split up the module into JAI and imageIO

Any third party intellectual property that has not been reviewed by the IP Team cannot be included in releases. For completeness, only third party content that has been granted checkin, license_certification, or approval can be included in pre-release (e.g. nightly, integration, or milestone) builds. If these builds include any content that has not received the necessary grants from the IP Team is included in these builds, then that content needs to be removed.

What does it mean? Is it not allowed to mark it as a release at github and attach product-Zips for download because it is a locationtech repository? We do not host any release artifact neither at eclipse.org norÂon locationtech.org
I expected this would be fine, but haven't clarified it yet. Sorry for that, maybe you can help hereÂ

FWIW, it is my understanding that the project was blocked waiting on the Raster Processing Engine project because JAI ImageIO could not be resolved by the IP Team.

Before the project can make a release, the project team must engage in a Release Review. The Release Review cannot start until all of the outstanding intellectual property reviews are resolved.

Same as aboveÂ

The Eclipse Project Handbook provides more information.

Thanks for sharing the link


On Thu, Apr 26, 2018 at 4:27 AM, Frank Gasdorf <fgdrf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Today, we are happy to announce uDig release 2.0.0

Thank you for your support during the last month of collaborating to get it out, special kodos for contributions and testing goes to
  • Emily Gouge
  • Hendrik Peilke
  • Nikolaos Pringouris

You can find Release Notes and Artifacts right here: https://github.com/locationtech/udig-platform/releases

Supported platforms:
  • Windows 32/64bit
  • Linux 32/64bit
  • MacOSX 64bit[1]
Right now we haven't packaged any platform specific installed such as DMG for MacOSX and EXE for Windows, if necessary just drop a line

If you have findings or contributions, please file an issue (https://github.com/locationtech/udig-platform/issues/new) or submit a Pull request (https://github.com/locationtech/udig-platform/pulls/new) but consult open issues/pulls first ;)

[1] MacOSX 32bit isn't supported anymore because Eclipse Platform doesn't support SWT for this platform anymore

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