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[location-iwg] uDig 2.0.0 released

Today, we are happy to announce uDig release 2.0.0

Thank you for your support during the last month of collaborating to get it out, special kodos for contributions and testing goes to
  • Emily Gouge
  • Hendrik Peilke
  • Nikolaos Pringouris

You can find Release Notes and Artifacts right here: https://github.com/locationtech/udig-platform/releases

Supported platforms:
Right now we haven't packaged any platform specific installed such as DMG for MacOSX and EXE for Windows, if necessary just drop a line

If you have findings or contributions, please file an issue (https://github.com/locationtech/udig-platform/issues/new) or submit a Pull request (https://github.com/locationtech/udig-platform/pulls/new) but consult open issues/pulls first ;)

[1] MacOSX 32bit isn't supported anymore because Eclipse Platform doesn't support SWT for this platform anymore