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[geomesa-users] GeoMesa range query performance

Hi all,

I just wanted to to ask you a question about the performance of GeoMesa range query. This is my experimental set up:
1. Systems: GeoMesa on Accumulo, SpatialHadoop (http://spatialhadoop.cs.umn.edu/)
2. Dataset: All node dataset fromÂhttp://spatialhadoop.cs.umn.edu/datasets.html, with 96GB and 2.7 billions points.
3. Query: range query with different selectivity: 10^-12, 10^-11, 10^-10, which is the ratio of query range and total area of the dataset space.

I saw that GeoMesa does not work better than SpatialHadoop, which is not expected. Since I think that GeoMesa (organize data in record-level) should be better than SpatialHadoop (organize data in block-level) in highly selective queries. Could you tell me any idea to tune GeoMesa such that it can provide a better performance?