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[geomesa-users] Need help on mismatch of returned data

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In a current project we are using geomesa-fs-data-store for our network-measurements. We are collecting these network-measurements from driving vehicles.


The issues is that we are facing a mismatch with returned data between “geomesa-fs export” and querying geomesa programmatically.

This is the geomesa-fs export-command: ./geomesa-fs export -p ………./geomesa-data-store/ -f ModemState --cql "dtg>=2019-04-13T23:40:00Z AND dtg<=2019-04-14T01:00:00Z AND vin LIKE '%VINSYSTEMTEST1%'"


This is the query from a debug-statement when querying geomesa programmatically:

2019-05-08 16:16:16.073 [http-nio-8130-exec-2] INFO  org.apache.parquet.filter2.compat.FilterCompat - Filtering using predicate: and(and(and(and(and(gteq(geom.x, -180.0), gteq(geom.y, -90.0)), lteq(geom.x, 180.0)), lteq(geom.y, 90.0)), and(gteq(dtg, 1555198800000), lteq(dtg, 1555203600000))), eq(vin, Binary{"VINSYSTEMTEST1"}))


While the export returns 1 event, the programmatic query returns 0 events.

The event is found in the programmatic case when extending the search-interval to an earlier time. E.g. from 2019-04-13T23:40:00Z to 2019-04-13T00:40:00Z


I am also attaching the test-data.


We are using:



Partitioning-Scheme: daily, z2-2bit


The storage-type is parquet on AWS S3.


I hope you can help. Thanks,

Markus Thamm

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