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Re: [geomesa-users] GeoMesa vs GeoTrellis

Hi Rod,

Good question.  As a brief answer, GeoMesa is primarily focused on vector data.  For large volume of data, the Accumulo datastore is great.  An example dataset would be GDELT (which is on the 'small' side with ~200 million data points).  If you have streaming data, check out the GeoMesa Kafka datastore.  Streaming sensor data would make sense for this datastore.

GeoTrellis is focused on raster data; using it for climatology predictions or landsat imagery would be typical.



On 09/05/2016 09:24 AM, Rodrigo Galvão wrote:

I couldn´t find this information anywhere.

What are the key differences between GeoMesa and GeoTrellis.

There seems to be overlapping functionalities, like geospatial analysis using spark.

How they complement each other?


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